Dose commitment

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A calculational tool, defined as the infinite time integral of the per caput dose rate [math]E[/math] due to a specified event, such as a year of a planned activity causing discharges. In the case of indefinite discharges at a constant rate, the maximum annual per caput dose rate [math]E[/math] in the future for the specified population will be equal to the dose commitment of one year of practice, irrespective of changes in the population size. If the activity causing discharges is continued only over a time period, [math]\tau[/math], the maximum future annual per caput dose will be equal to the corresponding truncated dose commitment, defined as:

[math] E_c (\tau) = \int_0^{\tau} \dot E(t) dt [/math]

(ICRP Publication 103, 2007)

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