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A set of tabulated values [math]z(t) = e(50)/m(t)[/math] or [math]z(t) = h_T(50)/m(t)[/math] used in assessing exposures from occupational intakes of radionuclides, where [math]e(50)[/math] is the effective dose coefficient, [math]h_T(50)[/math] is the equivalent dose coefficient for a tissue or organ, and [math]m(t)[/math] is the reference bioassay (retention or excretion) function. Values of [math]z(t)[/math] represent the committed effective dose or committed equivalent dose to an organ [math]r_T[/math] per predicted activity content in the body or in a given organ (Sv Bq-1) or per daily excretion.

ICRP Publication 130, 2015

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