S coefficient (radiation weighted)

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The equivalent dose to target region [math]r_T[/math] per nuclear transformation of a given radionuclide in source region [math]r_S[/math], Sv (Bq s)-1.

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where [math]E_{R,i}[/math] is the energy in joules of the ith radiation of type [math]R[/math] emitted in nuclear transformations of the radionuclide (J); [math]Y_{R,i}[/math] is the yield of the ith radiation of type [math]R[/math] per nuclear transformation [(Bq S)-1]; [math]w_R[/math] is the radiation weighting factor for radiation type [math]R[/math]; and [math]\phi (r_T \leftarrow r_s, E_{R,i})[/math] is the specific absorbed fraction defined as the fraction of energy [math]E_{R,i}[/math] of radiation type [math]R[/math] emitted within the source region [math]r_S[/math] that is absorbed per mass in the target region [math]r_T[/math] (kg-1).

ICRP Publication 130, 2015

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