Effective dose

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Effective dose is calculated as:

[math] E = \sum\limits_T w_T \cdot [\frac{H_T^M + H_T^F}{2}] [/math]

where [math]H_T^M[/math] and [math]H_F^M[/math] are the equivalent doses to the tissues or organs [math]r_T[/math] of the Reference Adult Male and the Reference Adult Female, respectively and [math]w_T[/math] is the tissue weighting factor for target tissue [math]T[/math], with [math]\sum\limits_T w_T = 1[/math].

Effective dose is a weighted average of equivalent doses to organs/tissues. The averaging is performed over all organs and tissues of the human body for which radiation detriment can be quantified and for which [math]w_T[/math] values are assigned. As [math]w_R[/math] and [math]w_T[/math] are dimensionless, the SI unit for effective dose is the same as for absorbed dose J kg(-1) and its special name is sievert (Sv).

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