Committed effective dose

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The sum of the products of the sex-averaged committed organ- or tissue-equivalent doses, [math]H_T(τ)[/math], and the appropriate tissue weighting factors ([math]w_T[/math]), where [math]τ[/math] is the integration time in years following the intake. The commitment period [math]τ[/math] is taken to be 50 years for adults, and to 70 years of age for children. (adapted from ICRP Publication 103, 2007)

where [math]τ[/math] is the integration time following the intake at time [math]t_0[/math]. The quantity committed effective dose [math]E(τ)[/math] is then given by:

[math] E(τ) = \displaystyle \sum_{T} w_tH_t(τ) [/math]

ICRP Glossary entry - May 2019

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