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Computational anthropomorphic phantom based on medical tomographic images where the anatomy is described by small three-dimensional volume elements (voxels) that specify the density and the atomic composition of the various organs and tissues of the human body. ICRP phantoms are available for adult male and female human bodies.

ICRP Publication 135, 2017

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from ICRP Publication 133, 2016; ICRP Publication 130, 2015 ICRP Publication 123]], 2013; and ICRP Publication 116]], 2010

The computational phantom of the human body (male or female voxel phantom based on medical imaging data) defined in [[ICRP Publication 110}}, 2009, with the anatomical and physiological characteristics of Reference Male and Reference Female defined in ICRP Publication 89, 2002.

from ICRP Publication 103, 2007 and ICRP Publication 110, 2008

Computational phantoms for the human body (male and female voxel phantoms based on medical imaging data) with the anatomical and physiological characteristics defined in the report of the ICRP Task Group on Reference Man ICRP Publication 89, 2002.